Welcome to Getting Things Into, Out of, and Across Heads

Almost all activities in life revolve around 1) getting things into our heads, 2) out of our heads, and 3) hopefully across into someone else's head.

We learn, we think, and we communicate.

Are you making any deliberate effort to manage these activities right now? Are you doing each these functions effectively and efficiently?

We want to understand the world around us. We want to be a better thinker, make better decisions, to grow, learn faster and deeper, and be heard & seen in this world.

I created this publication to explore that underlying human desire. I will be sharing relevant principles, strategies, and tactics and hope you find them useful too.

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Three times a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I will be sharing relevant principles, strategies, and tactics I have found to be useful to make sense of the world and make sense to the world.

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Good conversations are rare these days but we often forget that we can create them. So remember to share this with friends and colleagues who can relate to spark meaningful discussions and generate shared experience.

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